About Us...

... Nope! It's actually all about nature. Flora & fauna, adventure, food - what an abundance!

Follow us around the globe, where we collect unique stories about it all. Get surprised, inspired and fall in love with nature (... and with us 🥰)!

What's at our hearts

In our fast-paced, tech-saturated world, we lost touch with nature. Trapped in a relentless cycle of performance and pretending, hustle and consumption, it's no surprise we're left feeling frazzled and disconnected.

Enough of that! Time to hit the rewind button and get back to nature.

Because it's not only a tranquil spot to unwind; it's a source of health, inspiration, and endless learning opportunities.

It's so amazing that we want everybody to know. That's why we're crafting entertaining stories about it - to spark your love for nature, guiding us to a life that feels more balanced and is respectful of the world around us.

Let's explore, learn, and grow together on the unruly routes hidden around us.
This is us

This is us!

We are a couple from Berlin, Germany and ditched our busy city lives to live closer to nature.

After a year of traveling in our camper van across Southern Europe, we've switched to backpacking - less stuff, more adventure.

Our passion for food and nature is guiding us around the globe and gives us amazing opportunities to learn, explore, and, most importantly, enjoy.

Our aim is to keep things simple, reconnect with nature, and inspire others to get back to nature, too.

Hello, I’m Vivian!

I always loved nature, yet I forgot about it.

I lived in big European cities for decades and worked passionately as a project manager for different design projects.

However, I felt like something was missing. That's when I started a garden project - oh my, I enjoyed planting & caring for my veggies to the fullest.

I quickly got addicted to everything related: fermenting sauerkraut, baking sourdough bread, preserving jam, hiking, watching animals, gazing at cloud dinosaurs, and best of all: eating :D

And guess what? I wanted more - so, here I am!
Vivian on the beach
Daniel planting a Banana Palm

Hello, I’m Daniel!

After years of spinning on the agency, consulting, and start-up carousel, where 'breakthrough' felt as bland as office coffee - I bolted.

Instead of meeting marathons, I aimed for a life in the rhythm of breadrises and sunsets, where cooking meets innovation, and dirty nails mean a day well-lived.

My goal? To mesh my love for innovation and tech with real-world crafting and cooking, proving you can be a nerd and nature lover.

Gonna find that sweet spot of tech, taste, and terra firma! Promised!

And that’s Rudy!

Our little chaos whirlwind snuck into our bag at Berlin airport, kicking off our adventure with a bang.

Being a master storyteller and prankster, he quickly won our hearts. And his tummy shows it already: he’s a big food lover like us.

Rudy enjoys shaking his belly when laughing at jokes or dancing to any kind of music.

His curiosity leads us to hidden spots, and his faible for uncomfortable questions to red cheeks.

With his heart on his sleeve, he reminds us to live life fully - with a smile, a chuckle, and an exploding fist bump.

Rudy on a branch
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